Address Book - Record Handling System




  A general record handling system initially developed as an Address Book but extended to process more universal records. The first part of the system is to create the record system structure itself. This consists of defining field names and sizes. The second part of the system is entering data into the record system, performing edits, searches etc.

The Record System allows you to.

  • Create a Record SystemType. Create an Address Book, an index of CD's, a list of Birthdays, Bank card numbers, etc. Default is an Address Book. At this stage it is possible to add or delete columns, change the size of columns, and change headings.
  • Enter Data or edit records for each Record Type. Add entries to your Address Book. Edit entries in your CD records. Search your bank records for an address if you loose a card.
  • Browse through records by number or search by any column. Order your Address book by name. Oder your CD's by artist then by album then by track.
  • Note there is no restriction on the number of different record systems you can create.



Utilise Record System

How to utilise the record system
  • You require a browser which supports javascript (not java). We recommend using Version 5.0 or higher of either Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator because our site works best with these browsers. Keep in mind that the newer browsers not only have newer features, they often fix browser vendor bugs, especially those dealing with Internet security.
  • Register and pay. One month trial period then pay if you are satisfied.
    Online registration and offline payment ( in Euros ).
    After registration use of the system is immediate.
    This allows an evaluation period of one month before payment is expected.
  • You are issued a username and password.
  • Log in using your username and password.
  • Follow the screen operations.


Screenshots and Examples

All screenshots and examples open in separate windows. So please close them when not required.

The process is split into two parts. Firstly use the Record Types Ops screen to create a record type. At this stage define how many fields (columns) are to be used. Define the uses of each field. This includes the headings and the size of the field.

Once the record type has been created the "Records Ops" screen allows records to be entered or edited.
When a large number of records have been entered the system allows the system to reorder any any column. To find entries by searching any column.

The following screenshot shows the "Construct a Record System" screen.

Construct a Record System

The following screenshot shows the "Enter Data " screen.

Enter Data